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applications describing their processes and the technologies that they use in regards to data portability.

We encourage new and current members of the Project to initiate projects such as this that further the discussion around data portability.

What is the DataPortability  Project Monthly report?

Since the emergence of the  project in NOV 2007, a every month since, the Project has continued to grow, while concrete outputs are developed and delivered. This report  aims to highlight  things that affect  and drive the DataPortability project.

Big Vendors, Big news that continues to drive the project objectives

May was big vendor announcement month on topics of great interest to the DataPortability project. On May 8th MySpace announced  their “Data Availability” project. The day after on May 9th Facebook announced “Facebook Connect” and then on May  12th , Google announced Friend Connect. All  first steps towards data portability . Companies are listening now and even analyst firm Gartner states that these changes that allow third-party sites to more easily integrate with Google, Facebook and MySpace show the continued evolution of a distributed social Web and that web managers should take notice or risk being left behind. The DataPortability Project aims to help Users, Vendors and Developers understand and navigate these issues around data portability  (please see our Approach) . Executives at  vendors that do not run large social networks continue to reach out to the DataPortability Project members, looking to participate or offer thanks for the work we are doing .

DataPortability Legal Taskforce and Governance

DataPortability Legal Taskforce and Governance Project members have been working around the clock to finalize the Governance processes of the DataPortability Project which we aim to be finalized in June and will lead to final decisions on the Legal Entity setup. The governance work is being driven by J. Trent Adams (founder of Matchmine), Mike Smith (consultant), Brett McDowell (executive director of Liberty Alliance), Steve Greenberg (CEO of

Ciabe), Brady Brim-DeForest (CEO of Human Global Media) and chaired by Elias Bizannes. The Legal Entity Taskforce is being chaired by Brady.

The proposed Governance model will embed some major improvements thatwill help the Project move forward in the future, with greater accountability and even more transparency in how the Project operates

Data Sharing Summit 2

DataPortability Project members participated in the well-attended in the DataSharing Summit 2 in Mountain View, CA where individuals from various organizations discussed tackling the problem of how users' data can move around the web under their control.  A Service Provider Matrix was worked on that aims to illustrate the state of what features are available and if providers are using open standards to implement them. Notes from the Summit available here.

DataPortability  Project Member Highlight

In May, Bob Ngu started a blog series called ‘In The Wild’ which are  blog-length interviews with various in the wild

What is the DataPortability Project?:

Mission: To Consult, Design, Educate and Advocate Interoperable Data Portability to Users, Developers and Vendors

Definition: Data Portability is the option to use your personal data
between trusted applications and vendors

Praise for the Monthly Report :

"The DataPortability Project Report is the first place I go to stay informed about the group's accomplishments, goals and challenges."
-Dave Evans, Digicraft   

May Press Highlights:

May Monthly Report

Volume 1 No. 4

The DataPortability Project

May 2008

“Stickrs on my Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC ”-

including DataPortability by Robert Scoble

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May 2008 Highlights

Highlights of news coverage on data portability  topics. You can also check out who's saying and writing about data portability in the Press Room or in this collection of news feeds that includes many bloggers who cover the subject

· MySpace Ready To Embrace Data Portability. Peter Kafka Silicon Alley Insider. May 8th

· Google brings Friend Connect to the masses. Dan Farber CNET May 12th

· Welcome to the social mess? Caroline McCarthy CNET May 12th

· Prying Open the Social Graph. Stacey Higginbotham Gigaom May 12th

· Easier Sharing Is Goal  Of Portability Project. Lee Gomes. The Wall Street Journal. May 13th

· What's Next for Data Portability & Why is Facebook Still Holding Back? Richard MacManus ReadWriteWeb May 13th

· Battle Over Data Ownership on Gillmor Gang Michael Arrington Techcrunch/Washington Post May 16th

· Google, Facebook, MySpace Move to a Distributed Social Web– Gartner May 15th

· Where Portals and Social Networks Collide. Special Report Business Week. May 19th

· Facebook, Google Square Off Over Who Controls Your Data . Scott Gilbertson Wired May 16th